FairChang Rivulet 1
* For Sale *

A private Homestead sim.

This plot is 65536m2 big and set in a mature sim that is lag free and Voice enabled. Land edit is set at 6 meters up/down.

It has 3748 prim allowance (Homestead Sim (low prim)) and will cost L$30000 to buy and US$115 monthly tier due on purchase.

Note: Homestead Sim (low prim) means that you get more land but less prim allowance than normal. A great deal if you want space to enjoy!

Land tier can be paid via PayPal (using this website) or using L$ inworld (via our ATM's)

Land uses allowed:
Commercial: Yes
Residential : Yes
Subletting  : Yes
Other          : Yes

Owner: Kathryn Karillion

** Click here to Teleport - FairChang Rivulet 128,128 **

*Please be sure to read our covenant*